Thursday, July 24, 2008

Scarlet Bean Vines

Remember back in May when I received those wonderful bean seeds from Donna . I planted them behind the old ancient fence.

They grew, but I had to water them. They probably would have done better in a pot.

They reached the top of the fence and are still reaching.

I've had beautiful orange blooms. But no beans yet. It has been pretty dry here. We finally got about an inch of rain yesterday.

Today, as I took these pictures, I noticed another vine (humming bird vine) trying to catch a ride up the scarlet bean vine. Those blooms will be red. Vines are interesting plants.


Willow said...

Vines are fun to grow in pots, I think. Maybe I'll try something for next year.

Thanks for your sweet comments about my photos. You can not imagine the deep vibrant color of the sky in Phoenix. No photo could really show it.

dp said...

My vines are blooming too and I have one little tiny bean growning. The beans grow to be about 7-8 inches long....
Thank you for the award... that is very sweet of you!