Saturday, December 13, 2014

New Life

This has been a hard week.  Monday a favorite nephew passed away.  Wednesday mother goats began having babies.  We have 12 so far and are expecting more. Through it all... GOD is GOOD!!

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Saturday Photo Hunt - Rock

I'm ready to go back.... it's been awhile ... OBX

Saturday, October 4, 2014


It has been busy around here this last couple of weeks.  This farmer picked his peanuts and then made hay.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Last Monday my husband's sister went home to be with the LORD.  She had been in a nursing home for a few years...  Some of her grandchildren posted this picture of her on facebook and it was so appropiate and showed her personality.  She was always happy and out going, helping anyone.  She loved our family reunions and we are so happy she made it again this year.  She didn't quite make it to her birthday.  She will be celebrating in Heaven this year.  She will surely be missed.  Her obituary was posted in the post below.  (Blogger wouldn't co-operate ... thus the two posts)

Doris Brantley Radford September 3, 1933 – August 25, 2014 Doris Brantley Radford, 80, of Wilson passed away Monday. A funeral service will be held 11 a.m. Thursday at Joyner’s Funeral Home. Interment will follow in Evergreen Memorial Park. The Rev. Daniel Moss will officiate. The family will receive friends Thursday morning from 10:00 – 10:45 a.m. at Joyner’s Funeral Home, 4100 Raleigh Road Parkway, Wilson and other times at 622 Poe Street. Doris is survived by her daughters, Hilda Hoffer and husband, Jim of New Bern, Louise Barnes and fiancĂ©, Ricky Dorman of Elm City and Yvonne Joyner and fiancĂ©, Mike Fountain of Nashville; her son, Frankie Brantley and wife, Terri of Advance; seventeen grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren; her sister, Dean Cardenas of Ayden; her brothers, David Butler and wife, Janice of Ayden, Eugene Butler and wife, Sue of Grifton and Curtis Butler and wife, Anne of Ayden; her daughter-in-law, Renee Brantley of Castalia, her sisters-in-law, Margaret Butler of Ayden and Nell Butler of Greenville and her extended family, Cameron and wife, Jennifer, Jessica Sawyer and Ryan Fountain and wife, Wyndi. She was preceded in death by her first husband, Eugene Brantley; her second husband, Marvin Radford; her son, Jerome Brantley; her parents, Thomas and Mary Butler; her brothers, Robert and Alton Butler and her son-in-law, Alan Joyner. Flowers are welcome or memorials may be directed to the American Cancer Society, c/o Mrs. C.A. Thompson, 1207 Peachtree Road, Wilson, NC 27896.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Goats love Knock Out Roses

This is what we found when we got home from the doctor yesterday. Goats in the yard. Someone didn't shut the gate.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Organic Apples

You know how I can tell? Poorly shaped and each one has a worm hole. No sprays were used.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


These people came to spend the night with me on Monday night.  They live very busy lives and I always wish they could stay longer.  I finally got to hold that sweet baby girl. 

They hurried back home to make sure the boys didn't miss any more of VBS. This summer is going to be busy for them.  A wedding for Ashley's sister and all of them in it except baby girl.

I've smiled over and over as I find a little horse that didn't make it to the toy box.  All the tub toys lined up on the side of the tub. The raggedy dolls sitting on their little bench, placed just so by the children's mother.  I caught my breath when I saw them.  Sitting in different positions than I usually have them, but how attractive that little scene looked.  Some people have a natural ability to place things just right.

Friday, June 27, 2014


This is an experiment... Tried to load a video... well lets see what happens...

Thursday, June 19, 2014

What Now?

Some are saying no boots on the ground, yet I know people have been sent to help somebody do something. Special forces they call them. Do they go barefoot or maybe they have hovercraft?

Do we hit them hard or just let them keep on getting away with marching south?

And back home, what's with bringing all those children over here to suffer. Those camps can't be good, can they? What's the plan behind this? I tell you those humans have me so confused. I am so glad all I have to worry about is our man coming around with the sweet feed at the end of the day. He never lets us down.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Memory

For a long time after I had cancer, I suffered with a horrible depression. I really believe my age and some of the medicine I was taking made it worse. My husband would try to get me to get out of the house and go places with him. So many times, I refused, and just sat home in my misery.

Then one day on April 27, 1992, he insisted that I go with him. I told him I had a terrible headache. He said we'll stop at a store and get you something. So I finally said yes and got in the car. He was going to buy a piece of equipment for his tractor and it was at Keansville, N.C.

On that day I had the opportunity to go through an old house in Duplin County off Hwy 11. This house was on the Chambers old homeplace. Frank Chambers, a nephew of the man who owned the house showed it to us.

The house sat well off the ground. Originally it was on cedar posts but several of these had been replaced with cement blocks to level the house. Around the foundation of the house (not the porch and kitchen) there were brick walls with small windows with bars. Inside this enclosure underneath the house there were two rooms with dirt floors. We were told that this was where slaves were kept. They were locked underneath the house in these small rooms.

Inside the house there were four rooms (I think)on the first floor. There was one large room upstairs that in previous years had a partition that made too rooms. The kitchen was off to the side of the front of the house. There had been a separation between the kitchen and the house before, but now these had been connected.

There were three back doors. Double doors led out from the hall to the back and another door just behind the stairs to the outside. Frank's uncle was redoing the house in the hopes of living in it.

The Historical Society had wanted to restore the house, but the uncle would not have had control of the house so he turned them down. Frank's great uncle had acquired the home place during the depression. He had no children but left all he had to 23 neices and nephews and four churches named in his will. Frank's uncle was able to buy the homeplace and a few acres around it. Frank's mother and father were both Chambers.

So this was one time I pushed the depression away and took this ride with my husband. And eventually with GOD's help I got passed that time in my life.

A news story on a local channel brought this memory to my mind tonight...

The house has 43 hundred square feet of charm and history, and it's all free. The catch is whoever takes it has to move it, which can be expensive.

"What we're looking for is a taker that owns some property, preferably in Pitt County of possibly in Beaufort County that's financially capable of taking on a project of this magnitude," said Claudia Deviney with Preservation North Carolina.

The house was built around 1910 and is located in Grimesland. In addition to paying to move the house, the new home owners would have to agree to preserve it.

"It's very important to save these buildings, especially buildings that have gotten to the point where there's really nothing else but to move them for them to survive," Deviney said.

The house has 6 bedrooms and two and half bathrooms, and has attracted potential takers from as far as Texas and New Hampshire.

Deviney says finding a historic house like this for free is extremely rare, and she hopes it can be saved before it's too late.

"It's just a beautiful house that's in good condition and really needs to be preserved," said Deviney. "It's part of Pitt County's history, and we like to say Pitt County built history and so that's why we, this is what we do."

If you're interested in the house, you can contact Claudia Deviney at 252-482-7455.

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From time to time I stop and my husband keeps going... so I'm following...

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

And Baby Makes Three

These Brothers love their Sister.

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Red Doors and Red Rockers

Just wanted to show you some of the homes that have been completed at The Refuge.  This is the one we toured a few years back "Moses House"

This one is the "Hiding Place"

The one in the front is the "office"... The one in back is not finished.

I'm sure there will be many happy campers who will enjoy this summer.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Seeing An Old Friend Again

This house once lived on my road.  In fact my son and his wife rented it for awhile when their daughter was first born.  The owners recently had a new home built on that lot.  They donated this house to the Christian Refuge.  It took a long time before it was moved.  The movers cut it in two sections to move it.  Today we rode through the refuge again and found the house.  A lot of hard work has already been done and much more is needed, but it will be nice when they finish. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

New Family Member

My grandson got married on April 26,2014. They just returned from their honeymoon today. (I borrowed this pic from my DIL on facebook.)  We are so happy to have Lauren join our family.  We wish them a lifetime of love and happiness.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

We have had a couple days of spring and a couple of days of summer. Suppose to be raining and cool again next week. The daffodils are drying up... and the other things haven't started to bloom yet.

I only have one of these.  Many years ago, J.C. Penney had an offer to order tulips and many other types of blooms.  I forgot what this is called.  I just call it pink flower.  I have this one and a little clump of the tiny purpel ones.  We had to do a lot of pruning last year and some of my things are not coming back yet. Still I have enough of things to bloom for a long time. Sometimes some of the old tulips will come back again. That's my thinking now... things that come back every year is my favorite flower

My little boy came to spend a couple of hours with me on Wednesday.  We had fun playing with all the toys he brought.  This baby was such a pleasure to keep.  Never cried once.  I wish he were smiling in this picture.  He has a beautiful smile. 

So that's what I've been up to lately. Going to a wedding shower for my next to the last Grandson and his bride to be.  I'm so glad GOD let me live to see these beautiul Great-Grands.  I love them all.  And just a little longer we will be getting baby Brinley.  Almost time for her to be born.  Life is Good!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

First Day of Spring

Even the weather people keep whispering about maybe more snow for us next week. I am praying "not". These poor flowers were already snowed on twice. And on the pretty days it was just sooo cold and windy. I'm surprised they look as good as they do.

Now don't look closely. You will see there are a lot of gum balls and pine cones and other trashy stuff that needs raking. That will be another day.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

I do wonder

I have always wondered how Hitler was able to get most of his citizens to follow him. I read a book by Victor Klemperer who tried to keep up with everthing that HItler did leading up to the horror and the things afterward.The book is titled I bear witness.. it is a diary of the Nazi years. 1933-1941.

There were set before the people lots of new rules. Jews had to wear yellow stars on their clothes. The ones who were able got out of the country. Victor Klemperer was married to a German Woman. (Probably the only thing that saved him) Very interesting book. They cut his times to lecture. They made him put a red tile roof on the home his was building. All the newer houses had to have that type roof. (Reminds me of a large American experiment, when the government made us all get new tvs or had to buy a box to hook up to our tvs so we could get better reception and analog wouldn't be used anymore.) That worked very well. The German media only told the people the things the Goverment approved. Does this sound familiar?

I'm not going to go on with other things that have been done further leading our country into communist directions. I think I am seeing how these things happen. First they separate the people in the country. Make someone the scapegoat. Ellect a "dear leader" who the majority will follow and that person proceeds with his wicked plan and no one ever says "THIS IS NOT RIGHT".. It is not right that babies are being aborted every day. It is not right to take money from the people who worked and saved and give it to the others who did not. It is not right to make everyone buy insurance and have already planned that the aged will not get care and will often be offered "Mercy Killings" (hospice)

Congress and the courts stand by and let the president have his way. I think I am living in a time of history that is destined to repeat itself. And it will not be pretty. May GOD help us all!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kameron's Visit

So Kameron came to visit the goats on Friday.  He enjoyed looking at all of them. He even reached over to touch him. They stayed awhile and I was able to enjoy playing with Kameron.  He really is a sweet, sweet baby.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Visitors from the North Pole

I have noticed that I've had serval visits from the north pole recently. I wonder who is checking me out. Hum, I think I'm being pretty good. Don't have many little children here any more... although I am expecting Matti again on Thursday. We have fun playing together. She really loves getting outside with Granddaddy and checking out the baby goats. I'm sure we will have to do that.
It is past time for Kameron to visit again. His grandmother will be keeping him next Friday while the men from her church have a hunting thingy and eating all kinds of wild things. My son who is the grandfather says he's sure she wouldn't mind if I went by over there that night and smooch on him some. They brought me the cutest pic of him smiling so big in his little overalls. I could eat him up.
And the big boys are down at the beach with their other grandmother. They love Myrtle Beach and the oldest can sing a song about Myrtle Beach. Probably by the time they get home again, the younger one will be singing it too.
Every thing doesn't work out as we think it should. One of my granddaughters had a miscarriage last week which made us very sad. That makes two little people who will be waiting on us when we get to heaven. GOD is in control and he makes no mistakes. You know I've always loved babies. We are expecting a new granddaughter in April and one of the Grandsons is getting married in April. The new little girl will be the two oldest boys little sister. Will told me he will be ready to stop after getting his girl. He said then his family will be complete just like mine, as I had two boys and one daughter. GOD is good!!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

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Thursday, January 9, 2014


I've had one cold after another.. first it was me.. then my husband.. then me again... so nothing new to post. We did go to church last Sunday. First Sunday of the new year. We didn't shake hands with anyone.. still we cannot shake these colds. We are better.. just not quite up to par yet. Husband wants us to go to the Trenton flea market tomorrow. Has already invited people to go with us... so I guess I'll go. Just hope we don't expose ourselves to more germs.