Monday, July 21, 2014

Organic Apples

You know how I can tell? Poorly shaped and each one has a worm hole. No sprays were used.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


These people came to spend the night with me on Monday night.  They live very busy lives and I always wish they could stay longer.  I finally got to hold that sweet baby girl. 

They hurried back home to make sure the boys didn't miss any more of VBS. This summer is going to be busy for them.  A wedding for Ashley's sister and all of them in it except baby girl.

I've smiled over and over as I find a little horse that didn't make it to the toy box.  All the tub toys lined up on the side of the tub. The raggedy dolls sitting on their little bench, placed just so by the children's mother.  I caught my breath when I saw them.  Sitting in different positions than I usually have them, but how attractive that little scene looked.  Some people have a natural ability to place things just right.