Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I found it!

My husband had been looking for the guinea's nest. He had checked behind the hosta at the front steps. That's where it was last year.

I found it today. I was cutting the stalks of the dead flowers in the irises. Something caught my eye. There it is, hidden next to the fence among the irises and lilies. I wonder how long before the possum finds it?


deborah wilson said...

I should hope that the possum doesn't find the nest at all!

A few nights ago, while driving back from Mom's house, I saw a possum crossing the road. I almost hit it.
And to think that some folks actually eat those ugly creatures! I'm scared of possums. One time, I cornered one in the tool shed and it acted like it was going to fight me. I threw the rake down and ran in the house.....

Sandy said...

My neighbor used to have a pet racoon. Even though it really was friendly to her was not a good indoor pet. The thing gnawed on everything and clawed her arm something terrible.

Dapoppins said...

those stinky possum! I want to see some baby birdies!

-TNChick- said...

The guy who lives around the corner from me has tons of those but I've never saw their eggs! I hope the opossum doesn't find them!!!

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

We have dear that eat all the vegsand racoons that eat everything else

janie said...

I hope the possum doesn't find the nest too!

I posted this about your question about the bluebells. Hope it helps.


I am not sure that that species will grow for you.

However, there is a Virginia bluebell that I think you could grow. Check this site for info and seed.

Something else they have in Great Britian that has naturalized is the daffodil. When we lived there, I was in awe of the wonderful fields of yellow daffodils. I thought the people who owned them must be the richest people in the world.

Then I grew up, learned to order from the bulb catalog, and I am now sure they were indeed.....the richest people in the world! LOL


Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, I hope a possum or raccoon don't find the nest, Ann. I used to take most of the guinea eggs, when I found the nest, and let a little setting hen hatch them out. They looked so cute following the mama hen around, even as they already got big.

Have a good weekend.


Uncle Joe said...

My Memaw lived on the border of Oklahoma and Arkansas all her life.
She used to have to shoot those possums.
My Memaw carried a shotgun!
You know you're a redneck if your Memaw carried a 12-gauge!

meggie said...

I remembered the last eggs. I hope the possum doesn't get these ones.

possum said...

Well, this possum now knows where the eggs are! But I would worry more about the raccoons or weasels. By the way, possums get a bad rap, they LOVE to eat snakes, mice and rats. If you have possums on your property, you will not have any poisonous snakes. They especially seem to like copper heads, and the poison doesn't seem to affect them. Likewise, they do not get rabies - and I might add, possums are not smelly. They are actually quite clean little creatures, and we have no problem training them to a litterbox in the rehab center.
Look them up on any of the possum sites and see what amazing little critters they actually are.
Funny how we are afraid of things we don't know anything about. I know I was when the first baby possum came in to the center. After about an hour, it was love!

Pen Pen said...

Almost like an Easter egg hunt! I can imagine you jumping and yelling to Curt when you found them! LOL