Wednesday, February 6, 2008


One last look at my neighbor's wall! If you click on the pictures they will appear larger.

Above the wall you can glimpse a little of my neighbor's house.

And at the end of the wall closest to my house you can see an old barn.

If you look down the road you can see my neighbor's mailbox. It is the same color as the house. I expect one day the wall will be the same color.

I hope you can see all the curves in this wall. My talented neighbor did not just make a straight wall. It curves in and out all along his property.


Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Ann,
Oh my, what a wonderul picture of your neighbor's wall. I love how it curves like that. Your neighbor put alot of time and work into that wall. "THANK YOU" for sharing it with us. I finally put up a new post late last night. We had a Tornadic Tuesday night here. We are okay but others around us wasn't so lucky. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

meggie said...

A small voice inside me asks, but why? Why build such a wall?
Is that a silly question.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Ann,

The wall looks beautiful curving like that. Instead of straight, it looks like something in motion, or like waves moving. Very pretty. You took great pictures! I enjoyed seeing them.

Hope all is well in your world!


deborah wilson said...


I didn't realize that the fence was that long - it is beautiful. I like solid fences, also wrought iron. On some properties the gothic look of wrought iron works better. But from what I can see of your neighbor's house, the solid border is best.

The pic below of the field of flowers is pretty - spring is not far away - it will be here before we know it!

I recall a pic that you had on here last year, beans growing up a pole. I think I'm going to plant some Kentucky Wonders against that street light pole in my front yard. ..:)

janie said...

What a beautiful wall! I love the curves. My husband gets aggravated because everything I want built, I want it curved.

Did your neighbor build the wall himself? Either way, it is a labor of love.

ancient one said...

Yes, he did it all himself. Built his forms and did the cement all by himself... a section at a time..

mreddie said...

I have worked with cement just enough to really appreciate your neighbor's effort on that fence. I wonder if he is keeping something in or out? :) ec

Utah Grammie said...

My favorite photo is the 3rd one down - great perspective!'
Fun wall - think what he could have done if he was sober?! Just kidding!

BarnGoddess said...

beautiful wall. I WANT one around my home and property........

david mcmahon said...

How very interesting. I have an eye (well, two eyes) for detail but when I looked at the first picture, I didn't pick the orientation or design of the wall. I just thought it was a normal, straight wall.

Thanks for pointing out how different it is.

(I came here from iMac's photo blog)

Alice said...

It is a good wall and hopefully will last for ages. But is he keeping something in or did be build it just for decorative reasons?

imac said...

Get your Neighbour to build a wall for you.
Like the curves.

Sky Watch up now

judie said...

Interesting fence/wall there, although it doesn't seem to fit in with the natural looking landscape. It looks as tho you live a little bit in the country, which I totally envy you for, especially NC. I used to live in Charlotte. I'd move back to NC in a flash if I could...tho not big city Charlotte. I spend more time in Huntersville at Lake Norman, although that too is now all "developed". Sigh.....nice to meet you.

Pen Pen said...

The wall is very interesting and very cool.... but I don't love it. I wish we could still see inside like we could before. They are hiding all their beautiful work on the inside! PS... love the pictures... looks like HOME to me!

The Babysitters Love said...

Haha. I told Will when we passed this house "looks like someone Artsy lives there!" I think the house and fence are neat!

Vickie said...

Very nice! I think curves makes things interesting. Thanks for stopping by.

Mary said...


What a unique wall. Thanks for sharing your photos. I've never seen a wall quite like this one.

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