Monday, April 30, 2012

I'm trying to take pictures of old houses that won't be around much longer. (This picture can be made bigger by clicking on it.) This old house looks as if it is sitting in the middle of the road as you come up to it. Then the road curves. I had my husband pull over and let me get a picture.

All I know about this old house is that once when my grandmother and I were together she told me that Dr.? (I wish I remembered) lived there. And she remembered having to come with a horse and buggy from Willow Green to get him to come to their house when someone was sick. (Oh how I wish I had written down every word she ever told me.)At least, I have that little memory of this house.

There are two graveyards in a side yard. I've always wondered if the owners are in one cemetery and maybe the slaves are in the other?

Friday, April 27, 2012

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

My husband took me out for lunch and ice cream. I enjoyed it!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Nothing new.. Just trying the new blogger out.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Now the Iris are showing off. Should have waited later in the day to take the pics. Too much light.

I moved my bottle tree. (That's not me that won the lottery...LOL) My husband completed his 4 hour test. He said he was breathing heavy but made it to the end with the treadmill test. His doctor called and told him everything looked good. He wants to see him in a month.

I think yellow is my favorite color for flowers. I once had a yellow rose that I loved. I need another one. I went to Sandflowers nursery today. The owner gave me a free Easter lily. She told me to plant it and it would bloom next year (but not at Easter) and it would multiply. I love freebies. We bought tomato plants and bell pepper plants. Other than missing my sleep this morning, this day was good. Thank you to my friends that prayed with us. I really appreciate it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

1,001 Posts

Blogger says this is my 1,001 post. I just happened to glance it today. WOW, I guess that's a milestone.

Clover has taken over the ground around here. I don't think the goats are complaining. Everything seems to be putting on a show this year. All the flowers are more than before and seem to be healthier. Hope people's gardens do the same. My husband is planning a small garden for us.

Tomorrow is the stress test. They want my husband over there by 8:15 AM, so I guess I'll be rising a earlier. I want to go with him for this four hour test. Please pray that all goes well.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thanks I Think...

Picture has nothing to do with the post.

Today was a beautiful day. I decided to go out to the front porch and sweep up a little. I dusted and shook the cushions on the porch furniture, swept the porch, and pulled a few (very few) weeds along the sidewalk. Husband had cleaned up the dog house and hay and leaves off the back porch. He asked if I needed a cord to run the leaf blower, and I told him I had one. So I came back through the house and on out the back and got that going.

Everything was going along fine, until this wasp got up in my face and I couldn't wave him away. I threw the leaf blower, knocked over a chair and ran toward the shop and away from the wasp.

About that time, Husband comes out of the shop and says, "Who was that in the front yard?" I said, "What?"and he said, "Someone came up in front." I walked to the front corner and yelled back, "There's no one up here."

He said, "I saw them pass and turn around and come back. It was probably Jehovah Witnesses."

So in just a few minutes I went back inside and noticed a paper stuck in the front storm door. I went over to get the pamphlet they had left behind.

ONLY IT WASN'T WHAT I THOUGHT. I had left the front door open. I can't even remember if the paper was in the crack of the storm door or up under the handle of the storm door. So I'm not even sure I had the storm door locked.

It was a pamphlet for a Security Alarm Service, warning about the dangers around your home. The very first warning was to keep your front door locked. I looked around and thought how easy it would have been for someone to come in and go through my house. Especially since we were out the back with noisy things running and not even knowing anyone was at the front.

The next thing I noticed was my purse sitting out on the kitchen table. I quickly checked it and didn't see anything missing. All credit cards and money where it was suppose to be in my purse. I can't quit thinking about it!! The dog never barked or anything.

The rest of the day the front door was double locked. I don't think we will be buying the Security Service, but I do think I will be more mindful of locking up the doors. Many homes in our area were robbed again last week. I read the article in the paper and never even thought of it again.. UNTIL TODAY !! So thanks, Mr. Banks for the information you left. I hope I don't find anything missing inside my house. I really don't think you would have left a card with your name and number if you had come inside. So Thanks .. I think...

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Thankful !!

Cat scan was done today.

Already have the results.


Thank you to my praying friends.


Stress test has been scheduled for April 18th.

Please pray that my husband gets good results with that.

Today I just feel so thankful !!!

Monday, April 2, 2012