Monday, April 30, 2012

I'm trying to take pictures of old houses that won't be around much longer. (This picture can be made bigger by clicking on it.) This old house looks as if it is sitting in the middle of the road as you come up to it. Then the road curves. I had my husband pull over and let me get a picture.

All I know about this old house is that once when my grandmother and I were together she told me that Dr.? (I wish I remembered) lived there. And she remembered having to come with a horse and buggy from Willow Green to get him to come to their house when someone was sick. (Oh how I wish I had written down every word she ever told me.)At least, I have that little memory of this house.

There are two graveyards in a side yard. I've always wondered if the owners are in one cemetery and maybe the slaves are in the other?


Mari said...

I love seeing old barns like this one. Glad you know some of it's story!

Ms. A said...

Such a shame to see the old home places go. Looks like nice white fences around the cemetery.

imac said...

What a capture this is my friend, Also those wonderful memories you have, even if only a few, they will be treasured always.

Mary said...

Oh, I would love to explore around that old house, Ann. And the cemeteries as well. The epitaphs are always so interesting.

Would hate to see this old house go. Enjoy your memories.