Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thanks I Think...

Picture has nothing to do with the post.

Today was a beautiful day. I decided to go out to the front porch and sweep up a little. I dusted and shook the cushions on the porch furniture, swept the porch, and pulled a few (very few) weeds along the sidewalk. Husband had cleaned up the dog house and hay and leaves off the back porch. He asked if I needed a cord to run the leaf blower, and I told him I had one. So I came back through the house and on out the back and got that going.

Everything was going along fine, until this wasp got up in my face and I couldn't wave him away. I threw the leaf blower, knocked over a chair and ran toward the shop and away from the wasp.

About that time, Husband comes out of the shop and says, "Who was that in the front yard?" I said, "What?"and he said, "Someone came up in front." I walked to the front corner and yelled back, "There's no one up here."

He said, "I saw them pass and turn around and come back. It was probably Jehovah Witnesses."

So in just a few minutes I went back inside and noticed a paper stuck in the front storm door. I went over to get the pamphlet they had left behind.

ONLY IT WASN'T WHAT I THOUGHT. I had left the front door open. I can't even remember if the paper was in the crack of the storm door or up under the handle of the storm door. So I'm not even sure I had the storm door locked.

It was a pamphlet for a Security Alarm Service, warning about the dangers around your home. The very first warning was to keep your front door locked. I looked around and thought how easy it would have been for someone to come in and go through my house. Especially since we were out the back with noisy things running and not even knowing anyone was at the front.

The next thing I noticed was my purse sitting out on the kitchen table. I quickly checked it and didn't see anything missing. All credit cards and money where it was suppose to be in my purse. I can't quit thinking about it!! The dog never barked or anything.

The rest of the day the front door was double locked. I don't think we will be buying the Security Service, but I do think I will be more mindful of locking up the doors. Many homes in our area were robbed again last week. I read the article in the paper and never even thought of it again.. UNTIL TODAY !! So thanks, Mr. Banks for the information you left. I hope I don't find anything missing inside my house. I really don't think you would have left a card with your name and number if you had come inside. So Thanks .. I think...


Pen Pen said...

Wow, does make u think,huh????

Ms. A said...

Gone are the days of the unlocked doors. I never leave mine unlocked, unless hubby is in the yard. Heck, when I was growing up we never locked the doors and usually just left the keys in the car. Different times back then.


Oh my gosh....y'know it makes absolutely no difference what kind of neighborhood either...ritzy, middle class, poor...all neighborhoods are not safe these days.

Your story, which reminds me...we left one day...and when we go, we always set our alarm system. But thing is, I KNOW I shut the garage door....but on return, the garage door was wide open. Nothing missing, but the only thing I can think of is when I clicked the remote on the door closing, I pushed it twice and it came back open. NOW I double check before I pull out on the make sure there is no mishap like THAT again.

Shadows of a Rose

Sandi McBride said...

maman was laughing so hard she told papa that tears ran down her leg...being human she is very hard to understand...i was actually worried for you. mamon thinks you need the alarm system. i think you need another dog
batgirl (and sandi)

Debbie J said...

I've heard of people being robbed while in the back yard mowing grass. I need to keep that in mind too. Glad your purse wasn't bothered.

Pat said...

I wish we could be that comfortable and casual in our own homes, but not any more. My house doors are always locked and so is my car. I'm paranoid about getting in my car after shopping only to find someone waiting for me in the back seat, LOL! Stay safe my friend!

business alarms said...
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