Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Now the Iris are showing off. Should have waited later in the day to take the pics. Too much light.

I moved my bottle tree. (That's not me that won the lottery...LOL) My husband completed his 4 hour test. He said he was breathing heavy but made it to the end with the treadmill test. His doctor called and told him everything looked good. He wants to see him in a month.

I think yellow is my favorite color for flowers. I once had a yellow rose that I loved. I need another one. I went to Sandflowers nursery today. The owner gave me a free Easter lily. She told me to plant it and it would bloom next year (but not at Easter) and it would multiply. I love freebies. We bought tomato plants and bell pepper plants. Other than missing my sleep this morning, this day was good. Thank you to my friends that prayed with us. I really appreciate it.


Ms. A said...

He passed... YEA! I was rootin' for him!

Pat said...

Wonderful news on your husband!!!
I love your bottle tree, where did you get the blue bottles?
The Iris is my favorite flower. We have a berm with just iris's planted at our cabin, but I've only seen them bloom once! We're just never there at the right time! Yours are beautiful!!

Ann said...

I like the purple best.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I love iris!