Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ramdom Thoughts

The leaves are starting to fall.  There was a lot of pine straw in the driveway this morning.  Now it has rained and the wind was blowing about all day.  (Both lightly)  I expect we might have to do some raking soon. 

When they said "Hurricane" I thought of all the mess we had to clean up after "Irene" and hoped that this storm would stay off our coast. I know they are predicting a "big storm" when/if it makes landfall.  I am praying that it stays out to sea.

This has been a good week.  Husband and I took a whole day for ourselves and visited the Outer Banks.  Last year when we went we couldn't get onto Bonner Bridge because of all the damage from Hurricane Irene, so it was good to see all of Hatteras Island this time.  We rode across the little temporary bridge they had put up where the new inlet had been cut by the hurricane.  The new sand that has been pushed up along Pea Island rose higher than our truck.  It almost felt like Hyw. 12 had moved.  This time there were new "Wings" stores and "Kitty Hawk Kites" stores.  We had seen them on the northern parts of the Outer Banks, but on Hatteras it was more natural.  My thoughts were, its getting more like Myrtle Beach.

I know the people out there are watching this storm closely.  I hope it passes them gently and they don't have to start all over again.  Me, I'm waiting for some more sunshine like we had the day I took the above picture.


Ms. A said...

Won't you have to worry about Sandy? I was thinking you probably would?

imac said...

Nice post, stay safe my friend.

possum said...

So far just a half an inch of rain... the BAD stuff starts tonight they say. But YOU should be in the clear. We are expecting serious flooding. My cousin has just left for the shelter where she will be "on duty" until Tues.

Spent 2 days battening down the hatches... body is in serious pain from pushing too hard and too fast. Oh well. Hopefully it will be for naught, but we are only 2 miles from the ocean and 2 miles from the Bay.

Hope you just got a little rain.

Pen Pen said...

I hope the Outer Banks doesn't become like Myrtle Beach!! I truly don't know why anyone would want to go there...unless they don't care much about the beach. Too much 'junk'down there. Anyway, I'm glad you and Daddy were able to go and I loved the pic's I've seen so far!!