Monday, May 14, 2012

Picture has nothing to do with the post. Just one I took on the way to Rocky Mount to see Husband's sister last Monday.

What a week we had!! Filled with doctor visits for husband and myself. I even had an appointment today. Waiting until tomorrow for the blood report to see what happens next. I'm ready to rest up again. Just heard from my neice that my cousin had emergency surgery today. Prayers would be appreciated. Thanks!

Not all is bad. I had a very nice Mother's Day. My children are too good to me.

I got a pleasant surprise when I rode with my husband to take a mower to someone on Saturday. This person is living in and fixing up a wonderful historical home in our county. I asked if I could just walk around the outside of the home and look. She was very gracious and invited us in to see the progress of the work. (Y'all know I love that old stuff). She has already bought a lot of period pieces to use in the home when all repairs are made. She invited me back anytime. It will be awhile before this old place is completely restored, but you can see her dreams coming together. It was just as good as seeing any well known Historical site in North Carolina.


Mari said...

Glad you had a nice Mothers Day, and how cool to go through that old house.
Praying for your cousin!

Pen Pen said...

You lucky that the house in the picture?? I want it!!!

imac said...

Hope all turns out ok.
Nice pics

Pat said...

I admire people who restore old houses, it's no small undertaking! Lucky you getting to see it!
Glad your Mother's day was good, we are blessed with wonderful children.
I will keep your cousin in prayer.

Granny Annie said...

We need to see a picture of the house you toured too:)