Thursday, May 24, 2012

Oh What A Night !!

It started yesterday afternoon. Rain and Hail falling from the sky. It rained most of the night. We got over five inches. Needless to say our yard looked like a lake. The water ran through both of the barns in back.

This morning we find trash in our drainage ditches.

Trash in our flower beds.

The Guineas had made a nest in the irises. Today the eggs were floating. Husband took the eggs up and put them under two batam hens. We hope they will hatch.

This wheelbarrow was empty. We can tell that it ran over on one end. Weather people says we had over five inches of rain last night and tonight we might have a repeat.


imac said...

Wow, we have hot sun at the moment

Debbie J said...

You do have a mess! We have had a flood here too. Can't tell if it was rain or hail, or both, but when I got home yesterday my plants were beat up looking. Hope you don't get any more.

Ms. A said...

I thought only we got rain like that. Keep your floaties handy and good luck!

Pen Pen said...

Wow, u got lots of rain!!