Sunday, October 9, 2011


Snapping the canals on my side of the road.

Lost two friends this past week.

Had a wonderful revival at our church.

Mom got a good doctor's report on Thursday.

Got a wonderful Blessing from Church Services this morning.

Had a fun visit with my SIL at her home in Wilson today.

BIL and SIL took the trip to Wilson with us.

My good looking grandson shaved his head.(long story)

Had chicken and barbeque from Parker's tonight.

SIL got a new assignment that took him back to his home territory.

Life is Good!



Ms. A said...

Sorry for the loss of your friends.

Mari said...

Lots of blessings, sorry though for the loss of friends.

Pen Pen said...

good week, mostly!!! got to hear the head shaving story!!

imac said...

Life seems to try and balance things out. Sorry for your loss of friends, but glad to hear all the good news.
Love the Reflections.

Granny Annie said...

The reflections are beautiful -- in the picture and in your thoughts.

Margaret Cloud said...

Good picture, looks peaceful. Sorry about your friends. That is good news for your mom. My son and my husband like their heads shaved also. Life is good and this nice weather we are having helps. Have a nice week.

possum said...

Finally a moment to catch up with you.
So glad life is good for you.
Enjoyed the pictures and tour.
Waiting for the head shaving story!