Friday, October 21, 2011

Hiding in the Bean Field

The soybeans across the road are getting ready to finish up, changing colors already. There is a family of guinea fowl over there hiding in that field. Or at least they were still there yesterday. We found one of the babies on our front porch yesterday, dead on the welcoming rug. We wonder if Missy (dog) has found them. Today we have not seen them come from the field onto the lawn as they have done most days. We don't know if they have moved further into the field or left all together. I hope they have found a safer place to be.

My daughter mailed me two books today. One was The Christmas Sweater written by Glenn Beck, which I sat straight through this afternoon and read. I truly enjoyed this book, Penpen. Thanks for sending it.

Had a visit from my second son today. We checked out his new phone and some of the features. He can get on facebook with it. Now, y'all know I love facebook. Hummm wonder if I want one of those phones?

It has turned off colder. Tonight we will drop in the 40's, so the sweaters will be coming out. Hope things are going good for all my blogging friends.


Ms. A said...

Oh, my, what a welcome. Ewwww.

Thank goodness our weather has cooled down, since I'm still without AC.

Mari said...

Such a pretty scene!
It's quite cool here too - it's been in the 40's all week, and it's been raining. the next few days are supposed to be clear.

Granny Annie said...

Our guinea fowl have yet to return with keets in tow. Once we gathered their eggs and put them under a broody hen. All of them hatched and as soon as they were out of the nest they were killed by the adult guinea fowl.

I am on facebook but do not share your passion for it. What exactly do you like most about facebook?

Pen Pen said...

Glad you enjoyed the book; i thought it was great, too. get you a facebook April calls my ipod our 'words with friends' player.

Renie Burghardt said...

Poor guinea's! I hope they will be ok. In a way, I miss having all the animals I used to keep, like chickens, domestic turkeys, ducks and geese, and guineas. But only in a way! haha.