Monday, June 2, 2008


Time is moving on!

Today, my youngest grandchild, came over to show me his driver's license and took me for a ride around the block on his truck. He just got the license this morning! He's a very good driver and I wouldn't be afraid to go anywhere with him.

My eldest grandson is home from his honeymoon. My newest granddaughter-in-law has posted a wedding photo on her blog.

My youngest granddaughter got married in December of 2007. My eldest granddaughter is getting married in September of this year. My middle granddaughter is making plans.

Time is moving on!


meggie said...

It all rushes, helter skelter past, & we are left wondering where it all went!
Congratulations to everybody!

Mary said...


I dropped over to see the wedding photo and to wish the happy couple many years together.


The Babysitters Love said...

I miss you grandma :(

Anonymous said...

Yes - it is hard to believe that the youngest grandchild has his driver's license. It doesn't even seem like he is old enough to be Love you! Oh - Troy and I are getting a bigger apartment at the end of July! I'm very excited. *grin*

Renie Burghardt said...

Time marches on much too quickly! My oldest granddaughter is graduating Sunday and going on to college in the fall. It seems only like yesterday she was a little girl, enthralled by the frogs at the pond.

Have a great day, Ann.


Paula said...

Wow! Congratulations to all! Time goes so fast. Seems we were all just getting our first driver license and now here we are grandmothers...

Granny said...

Time does indeed move on, doesn't it.

My eldest grandchild is 33 (girls' dad) and the youngest (Jim's Zachary) is six months.

And then there are the "greats" who are 15, 13, and 12. Seems like yesterday I was feeding and diapering all of them.

Congratulations on the wedding(s). I'll check out the pics.

Love the butterfly and the goats(?). They could definitely use a stylist.

Thanks for hanging in with me all this time and hugs.