Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Laughter And Give Aways

The Old Red Barn Co. is giving away a quilt.

Giving away a quilt! A Quilt!!!
I feel like shouting it from the mountaintops . . . TODAY IS THE DAY PEOPLE OF THE UNIVERSE! YES, TODAY COULD BE YOUR LUCKY DAY!

Go Here! very quickly and leave a comment. The drawing is tomorrow!

Good Luck!!

We all have favorites among our blogging friends, right? One of the funniest bloggers I know is Emma Sometimes. She is funny in a sarcastic way. I like her sense of humor.

I was visiting her blog and reading some back posts and other things. She says there is this website that has awards that you might want to send to your friends. I checked out the site and sent myself an award. You can find it in the list with my other awards. Don't be shocked. Just laugh!!


imac said...

Quilt to a good home eh,.

Sandy said...

Yikes, what an award!

Renie Burghardt said...

Phew, Ann, I can smell your award! Hahaha.


Vanessa said...

Just want to thank you for coming by the new blog and touching base. It's so good to be reconnecting with blog friends!


Pen Pen said...

Cow fart... you are so funny!