Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Blood Pudding, Anyone?

I bought this book when I visited my daughter in Bryson City, N.C.

I bought it for the recipes in the back. Not that I would ever try many of them. Most tell how to prepare wild animals, fish, and frogs for eating. The most disgusting recipe of all to me is: "Blood Pudding."

Directions follow:

When butchering an animal have a bucket handy with salt in the bottom to catch the blood as soon as the animal is stuck. Stir the blood to keep it from clotting. When the pouch is removed, clean it well, add a little fat to the blood as it is put into the pouch, add black pepper. Sew up the opening of the pouch, put it into a pot of water and boil until done. Set aside to cool before slicing to serve.

I wonder if the Cherokee still cook blood pudding?


Pen Pen said...

I don't know anyone who eats blood pudding, but I see it on the Food Network shows from time to time. It has always grossed me out, just to think about it.

Utah Grammie said...

one word....BLACH!!!

PS - the book is a real find though...

Pat said...

Somehow the words "blood" and "pudding" just don't belong together...bleck!
I do love to look at and buy cookbooks, I had to stop though, I was running out of places to put them!

Mary said...

That is a cute cookbook. Some of those recipes would be delicious but not blood pudding. I have never tried it and don't have an interest in doing so. LOL

When I was in Tennesse many years ago, I picked up cute cookbook at Cracker Barrel. It had a lot of good southern recipes in it. I cherish it.


deborah wilson said...

Ouuuuuu - Ann!

...What else is in there??
What does it say about the fish??

smilnsigh said...

EEEEEEk! I guess you had to live 'there then,' to appreciate Blood Pudding.

dp said...

Oh, I almost hate to admit it, but I ate blood pudding when I was kid. Alot. My mom use to buy it, and fry it.... it was pretty good. I can still remember how it tasted. And I am happy to live with the memory of the taste, because now that I know better, you won't catch me eating EVER again! Blach... the recipe sounds horrible! ewwwww

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, yuck, Ann! LOL