Thursday, March 27, 2008


Deborah asked how the Cherokee cooked fish. I found these recipes in the Cooklore Cook book.

Barbecued Fish:

Cut fish into strips of chunks, string on pieces of sharpened sticks and hang over or before a fire. Turn often and keep before the fire until the fish does not drip any more. Hang up for later by stringing on thongs, bear grass, etc. Use by making stew or soup.

Fish and Mush:

Barbecue fish by cooking it on a stick, after being cut into small chunks, boil in water to make a thick soup. Make mush by cooking cornmeal with a little lye or soda and water. Eat the mush with the fish soup. This dish was always used for sick people when they had fish.

Fish Soup:

Clean and bake fish very brown. Put into pot of water and cook until done. Serve this soup with mush.


Salt cleaned fish and let stand overnight. String the salted fish on a stick the next morning and hang before the fire, turning them often to get them roasted just right. If a person was lucky enough to have a frying pan and some grease he could cook the fish quicker but they wouldn’t taste very good.
Enjoy! Now I will not be telling any more of these delicious recipes. Can’t give away all my secrets,Deborah LOL

Go to visit Deborah today, if you can. She has an excellent article up on how to be a good wife. LOL


smilnsigh said...

As to your problem of comments being left, which entice people to click and get a virus ~~

These are a common ROTTEN part of blogging. -sigh-

But the way to stop them, is to have both Word Verification, and do Comment Moderation.

I dislike both.

But I have to use both.


Vanessa said...

Just wanted to say HELLO!

As for fish...we love to grill big fat tuna steaks! In fact, that's what is on the menu for tonight. I can already smell them cooking.....


deborah wilson said...


Thanks for posting the fish recipes. I agree, I think cooking fish over an open fire is the best way - I do it whenever I can. Otherwise, a grill is the next best option.

I'll be getting up to Bryson City soon, I'll look around and see what I can find in cookbooks.

Plus, the flea market at Murphy is a 'monthly-must-go-to" during warm weather.

Renie Burghardt said...

Good fish recipes. We usually grill salmon and tuna steaks outside on a charcoal grill. My grandma used to make fish soup. Thanks for the recipes!


meggie said...

I am sure I would never use those fish recipes!
I love fish, & it is lovely baked in paper or pastry.
My Grandmother made fish soup, but we would never even try it!
As for Blood pudding... Never! Isn't it the same as Black pudding in the Scottish fashion?
My goodness Ann, you have been looking at 'different' things.