Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Visitors from the North Pole

I have noticed that I've had serval visits from the north pole recently. I wonder who is checking me out. Hum, I think I'm being pretty good. Don't have many little children here any more... although I am expecting Matti again on Thursday. We have fun playing together. She really loves getting outside with Granddaddy and checking out the baby goats. I'm sure we will have to do that.
It is past time for Kameron to visit again. His grandmother will be keeping him next Friday while the men from her church have a hunting thingy and eating all kinds of wild things. My son who is the grandfather says he's sure she wouldn't mind if I went by over there that night and smooch on him some. They brought me the cutest pic of him smiling so big in his little overalls. I could eat him up.
And the big boys are down at the beach with their other grandmother. They love Myrtle Beach and the oldest can sing a song about Myrtle Beach. Probably by the time they get home again, the younger one will be singing it too.
Every thing doesn't work out as we think it should. One of my granddaughters had a miscarriage last week which made us very sad. That makes two little people who will be waiting on us when we get to heaven. GOD is in control and he makes no mistakes. You know I've always loved babies. We are expecting a new granddaughter in April and one of the Grandsons is getting married in April. The new little girl will be the two oldest boys little sister. Will told me he will be ready to stop after getting his girl. He said then his family will be complete just like mine, as I had two boys and one daughter. GOD is good!!


linda eller said...

Some happy news, and some sad news. That is our life isnt it? Have a nice day.

Mari said...

The North Pole! That's funny.
Sorry about the loss of the baby. I have one little one waiting for me too.

Granny Annie said...

No matter where we are, there we are, safe in God's arms.

Mary said...

Is Santa watching you, Ann. I hear he now has a computer. LOL

Cute little guy. Enjoy!!! Sorry to hear about the miscarriage. :-(