Saturday, May 3, 2014

Seeing An Old Friend Again

This house once lived on my road.  In fact my son and his wife rented it for awhile when their daughter was first born.  The owners recently had a new home built on that lot.  They donated this house to the Christian Refuge.  It took a long time before it was moved.  The movers cut it in two sections to move it.  Today we rode through the refuge again and found the house.  A lot of hard work has already been done and much more is needed, but it will be nice when they finish. 


Marsha Young said...

Always good to see houses, land, and yes even people "re-used" for good purposes.
Blessings to you - and thanks for stopping by during my recent long absence. - Marsha

Little Penpen said...

I always liked that house. It looks so old and dirty in the picture, but it was such a nice home back in the day. I know it will be pretty again soon.

possum said...

How nice to have saved the house. It looks like it could be a sweet little place with some serious TLC.