Saturday, April 5, 2014

We have had a couple days of spring and a couple of days of summer. Suppose to be raining and cool again next week. The daffodils are drying up... and the other things haven't started to bloom yet.

I only have one of these.  Many years ago, J.C. Penney had an offer to order tulips and many other types of blooms.  I forgot what this is called.  I just call it pink flower.  I have this one and a little clump of the tiny purpel ones.  We had to do a lot of pruning last year and some of my things are not coming back yet. Still I have enough of things to bloom for a long time. Sometimes some of the old tulips will come back again. That's my thinking now... things that come back every year is my favorite flower

My little boy came to spend a couple of hours with me on Wednesday.  We had fun playing with all the toys he brought.  This baby was such a pleasure to keep.  Never cried once.  I wish he were smiling in this picture.  He has a beautiful smile. 

So that's what I've been up to lately. Going to a wedding shower for my next to the last Grandson and his bride to be.  I'm so glad GOD let me live to see these beautiul Great-Grands.  I love them all.  And just a little longer we will be getting baby Brinley.  Almost time for her to be born.  Life is Good!!


Ms. A said...

That is one handsome little boy you've got there!

I think the photo that was supposed to be right above him, didn't show up. It shows where it's supposed to be, but it's not there.

Mari said...

He's a cutie! The flower you showed is a hyacinth. They smell so good! Our flowers aren't even poking out of the snow yet!

Granny Annie said...

I thought the flower was called a surprise lily. Your grandson is so precious and of course he did not smile for the picture:( It is the baby code.

Little Penpen said...

I think that flower is a hyacinth. I have a few, but I haven't seen them bloom this year. Kameron is a cutie!!

possum said...

Yep, its a hyacinth. I was given a few a couple years ago - only one made it thru the winter, a pink one.
The grape hyacinths did not do very well either. Have only seen one and it is so tiny I almost didn't see it.
That sure is a cute baby!