Thursday, August 1, 2013


This is our fearless leader. He always walks ahead. Notice he is carrying the hammer and has some nails in his pockets.
Now I am always in the middle of the line. I am carrying the signs that we are going to nail up all around the pond. I also have the cell phone, with very little battery left, trying to take some pictures. I love to be the one with the camera. That way I don't get my picture taken.

I heard footsteps behind me before we crossed the wire fence.  You know I'm a little afraid of these goats, but I did look back long enough to take their picture.  We got all the posted signs up.  Some say No Trespassing.  Some say No Hunting or Fishing.  Just a typical day out here on Curt's Goat Farm.


Little Penpen said...

Why cain't we fish? LOL

Ms. A said...

I haven't seen those "clean looking" little goats in a while!

possum said...

yep, that is the advantage in being the photographer.
Cute goats!

Debbie J said...

Cute pictures, the goats and "Your Fearless Leader". I got one of them too. But no goats any more.

linda eller said...

I think I might fear the goats a little too, but you did get a good picture of them. Happy Friday!

Rebecca said...

:) That's why I like to be the one with the camera (phone camera, that would be), too.

What a quiet, serene place you have all to yourself there!