Friday, August 16, 2013

Messages From The Sky

Blogger refuses to work correctly for me!
This baloon came down in our back yard and scared our dog.
I rushed out to get it before she did.
I wonder how far it traveled.
I don't know a Mrs. Ethel except my Aunt who lives in town.
And a couple of Ethels who have gone on to heaven.
There is no note inside.
Still a "fun" find !!


Ms. A said...

It doesn't look like it's not working for you.

Wonder what Plus #2 means?

Debbie J said...

That is a mystery. Very interesting! Bet that did scare your dog!

Granny Annie said...

Maybe another Ethel went to heaven and so it is an announcement that it is now Mrs. Ethel plus 2.

Mari said...

We've sent out balloons from the nursing home with a note to call and tell us where they landed. It's amazing how far they travel. Many go to other states, so your Ethel may live a long way away!

Little Penpen said...

too cool... funny that Missy was scared of it!

ancient one said...

Every other picture has the red x for me lately... and I have to try over and over to get it to post!!

Ms. A said...

Have you tried using another browser to see if it will help? I think I read that IE has an issue.