Saturday, August 24, 2013

Goat's Whisper

Samantha was in Ireland and missed an important meeting. Syria attacked with chemical weapons. Not important enough for Samatha's presence? Like Benghazi? Hillary and Barry couldn't be bothered. No one knows where they were that night. What Next? Where's Valerie?


Mari said...

It's crazy!

Little Penpen said...

Nobody cares!!!! they don't care!

Granny Annie said...

Please let us know when the goats figure it out. They often are the smartest among us.

possum said...

Don't you ever wonder what they DO think about?
No1 That's MY grass!
I saw that weed first!
Oh, Look! Poison Ivy. YUM!
Where? Lemme have some.
Go away, you stink.
Yeah? Smells good to me....

I have a friend who rents her bush goat out to friends to keep the poison ivy down. They seem to eat that first. Go figure!