Thursday, July 4, 2013

Too Wet

I guess I need to check all the water catchers around here.  Mosquitoes could be breeding everywhere.  At least we had more sun than showers today.


Ms. A said...

Glad you finally had some sun! I just stepped outside and got chewed up ALL OVER by skeeters.

Happy 4th!

Debbie J said...

We finally had a day without deluges of rain!!! At least we don't have to water plants as much lately. Some years we couldn't buy a rain shower, but this year its been different.

You are right about the mosquitoes. I need to check for standing water here too.

possum said...

Oh, I love that shell birdbath!
Just came in from picking beans. I wear long sleeves outside this time of year to frustrate the skeeters. Otherwise I get chewed to pieces!
Have you tried "mosquito donuts?" I keep them in most of my water places except where the cats drink. Then I just change the water everyday.

Rebecca said...

Yes! It's just about been a full-time job keeping the water drained out of yard ornaments around OUR house, too!