Thursday, July 25, 2013

Just Stuff

Crepe Myrtle planted on the lot next to our house.  My good neighbor lives in the house you see.  One of the best cooks in the whole world and she shares with us frequently.  She had everyone in her exercise class over for lunch on Monday and called us to come get plates she had fixed for us. Yum !!

Tomorrow a couple of folks, that mean so much to me, will get the results from medical tests they had this week.  I have been praying their reports will be good. I was told that I'd be having a blood test when I go back to the doctor in a month.  I was suppose to not take pain meds, so of course I have hurt more since then. (funny how your mind does that to your body) I am trying to mind the doctor and do what they want. I didn't sleep for two nights and today I feel as if someone has beat me.  Oh well... I'll be okay!

Last Saturday, I attended a baby shower for our newest great-grandson who will be coming in September.  Also on that day, my youngest great-grandson turned 1 year old.  Didn't get to his party, but pictures were taken and that cute, smiling, little brother had a wonderful party.  That's why I love facebook so much.  Can see my babies just about every day. My great-granddaughter and other great-grandson are growing up so fast. 

GOD is good!!


Little Penpen said...

Crepe Myrtles...I've always called them 'my' birthday tree. They always seem to be in full beautiful bloom the week of my birthday. I hope you feel better and everyone gets positive results today!

linda eller said...

I can relate to not taking pain meds and feeling like you have been in a fight. I try so hard not to take any more than I absolutely have to, and when I do it is mostly at night. If I dont sleep, I have twice as much pain the next day. I love that the internet keeps us in contact with those we love and can see them grow.

Granny Annie said...

My parents babied their crepe myrtle for years with the help of a good neighbor. I always loved it.

Prayers for your good medical report.

possum said...

Yes, the crape myrtle is starting to bloom here, too. Mine are always the last to bloom in town - but the fall azaleas have started already!
I have to ask about that photo hunt pic - what the heck is it?
And the metal sculptures - I LOVE them. I was going to "take" a welding class years ago during my planning period at school - but the principal would not let me. I really wanted to use up some metal "junk" at a neighbor's house that her husband had accumulated for years and build whimsical stuff like those pups. Even the college (where I also taught part time) did not like the idea of me taking their welding class. Next nearest class in welding, 65 miles away. Oh well. I LOve those pups!

Ramakant Pradhan said...

Beautiful flowers! Good to have friendly neighbours.
I hope you have good results at the doctor's.