Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rusty Animals Taking Over

Had to take a trip to the county seat today.  Needed to go check on something near the court house.  Haven't been up this way in a while and boy was I surprised.  Lots of animals made from metal parts. Don't you just love this horse?

Look at these dogs watching a camel across the street.  Someone has a great imagination.

We found all of these and a lot more on a side street. I guess they are waiting for their final home.

It's sad to see this part of town going down.  As the buildings are being torn down and the grass comes back to the empty lots, it seems as if the metal animals are taking over.  I saw goats, cow, pigs, giraffes, dogs, turtles, snakes, fish, and others .  I call this metal art.  What would you call it?


Mari said...

I would call it the same. It's very cool!

linda eller said...

I call it talented. Neat.

Terra said...

I like this art and call it whimsy.