Saturday, September 17, 2011

No, No, not Fall

I didn't have enough summer, yet! It has been too chilly for me the past two days. So today, my husband and our neighbor replaced the propane tank back on the blocks, and tonight we have heat in the house. It feels so comfortable in here.

The yellow mum was one I found that I had sitting in a pot up under some bushes since last fall. How it survived I will never know. But here it is looking all pretty and reminding me of fall.

The weather people have promised that we will get some of our summer back in the middle of next week. Until then, we'll just deal with these windy, gray, cloudy, chilly days.


Ms. A said...

Personally, I'm ready for some chilly days. We've had plenty of wind, but it's more like the gust that rushes out of an oven. A little rain would be nice, too.

Renie Burghardt said...

The mums are pretty. I just bought some pretty pink/red ones. We had a cooler week and I enjoyed it, but have not needed heat yet. I am just glad to give the air conditioner and my budget a rest this week. Electric bill has been high for some time now. Next week will be warming up to 80, which is perfect.

Have a nice evening, Ann.

imac said...

We're told we are to get sun next week too - yippee on holiday.

possum said...

I sure would rather have a little heat on than the a/c going 24/7. I am grateful I have it, don't get me wrong, just hate to have to close up and run it.
We had a nice rain, 1.69 inches, so I have had a couple days inside.
Glad you are getting things fixed up again. I sure will be glad when hurricane season is over.

My mums never seem to winter over. Lucky you!

Pat said...

Rainy and cool here too. This kind of weather either makes you want to get busy and do a little work or take a nap. I'm taking a nap.

Meggie said...

I love those yellow Mums! My favourite colour, and so cheerful. XX