Saturday, September 3, 2011

Clean Up

With a lot of help from our friends, family, and neighbors, we're getting there.

Most of the front yard is clean and the angel is back in the birdbath and you can see the path again. The back yard is proving to be difficult. Lots of chain sawing going on. Hundreds and hundreds (or so it seems) of pinecones to pick up. We've had a burning pile going for about five days and my nose is protesting big-time. Never-the-less it must be done.


Pen Pen said...

it looks so 'normal' now.... thank goodness, huh?

Ms. A said...

Well, the front looks fantastic! Bless your heart! Good luck, I'm thinking about you.

Pat said...

Nice clean up!
I always pray for you and others in your area when I hear of a storm coming your way.

Debbie J said...

Looks great Ms. Ann! Those pine cones are really "Pain Cones". There is no end to the clean up of them, even without having a hurricane.

Pen Pen said...

Great giveaway for me OR you!

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Granny Annie said...

Good job! Keep looking at this and know that soon it will all be that way again. Aren't friends and neighbors wonderful?

possum said...

Funny how storms make "normal" look wonderful! I know it is good to be back to "normal" here, but you had it so much worse.
We have a small stand of trees that need to have a visit from a chain saw before long. They are leaning over so far I can't get under them with the mower.
Glad you are looking better!
Ready for some rain?