Friday, September 23, 2011

Mosquito Love

This is the kind of day that mosquitoes love. We've had small thunder showers all day. They are quick showers and the sun pops out as soon as they are done. It seems like we are getting rain about every hour for a few minutes. This is the kind of day I love, but I also know the mosquitoes are loving it too.

At different times during the day, I try to remember to go dump anything I see with water in it. And as soon as I do, the rain comes back. We even had the county mosquito machine come through Sunday night, but all the mist drifted to our neighbors across the road. I don't think any came our way.

It is raining again. I actually accomplished some things today. I have meatloaf in the oven, and squash and onions in the pan, cooking as I type. It is smelling good in here. Even so, I know the mosquitoes are multiplying outside, and I really don't have any LOVE for mosquitoes.


Pen Pen said...

i don't love them either; some got inside my house last night and attacked my ankles while I was quilting. :o( I think the rain has finally left us for a bit... heading your way!

Ms. A said...

We need the rain, but I can do without the skeeters!