Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Storm's Coming..

The weather people say there is a good chance we will get a visit from Hurricane Irene before this week is done. They have already issued evacuation from Ocracoke on the outer banks.

We will need to be making preparations around here. I guess I'll remove all these blue bottles and put them inside somewhere. They were very hard to come by and I would hate to lose them, since so many friends and family donated them to me.

I think my husband will use that ladder to go around and clean all the gutters again before the storm gets here. We will bring in some things out here, but probably just turn the rockers over and move them closer to the house.

This little guy is going to be moved. He's heavy but not sure if his umbrella can stand up to high winds.

I think for sure I should gather these bottles up and put them somewhere safe.

The flags definitely will come in. The soldier at the end of the walk is cement and very heavy. So is the frog at the other end. They will stay put.

This is my new porch furniture. This settee will definitely come in. Last hurricane we had, I slept on couch cushions on the floor in front of my stove and husband slept on our old wicker settee also in kitchen.

I don't know where I'll put all this stuff, but it will be inside somewhere. I will probably think of a thousand more things to do, but I'm going to wait until the storm gets closer. Maybe it will turn back out to sea.

Just about the time I posted this I felt a slight earthquake tremor. A 6.0 quake hit in Virginia.


Pen Pen said...

Good thing you are getting prepared. We don't have anything to worry about at the Lily Pad... thank goodness. And yes! on saving your blue bottles... they are PRICELESS. ;o) I love the story behind them. The earthquake was scarey for me. Husband said the house shook so bad because it was the little pig house made out of sticks. LOL

Renie Burghardt said...

I have a friend in New York, and she called a bit ago and said they were pretty rattled about the earth quake!

Yes, gather all the pretty bottles and take them inside. And I have new wicker furniture on my deck that looks just like yours!

Stay safe. Hope the winds don't get too bad. Will say a little prayer for you.

Ms. A said...

Wishing you good luck and keeping my fingers crossed for you! We need some rain, but I don't want it via hurricane.

Granny Annie said...

Hope the quake will be the worst of your natural disasters this week. Pray the hurricane will dissipate before it causes any damage.

troutbirder said...

Oh my. Be prepared as we old boy scouts are wont to say. Be safe. Keep us informed. I'll be watching the weather channel....

Pat said...

Better safe then sorry, I would hate to lose any of those bottles or other outdoor decorations.
Praying that Irene will sputter out and fade away!

imac said...

Hope all goes well with you all.
Pretty blue bottles.

Deborah Wilson said...


Stopping by to check on you - I hope that you and family weren't affected by Irene. Lemme know that you are ok.