Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Quite Day

The thyroid doctor told my husband that she was turning him loose yesterday, his family doctor can keep him checked with his thyroid levels. He just had some bloodwork done and we came on home.

Today there was no doctor's appointments and no where we had to go. He worked outside and I took it easy inside.

We did go visit his sister on Sunday. It was exactly one year since she had her stroke. She has improved all through the year. She knows what we are saying, but she still hasn't recovered her speech completely. Her daughter told us that she can now walk about 50 feet using the four pronged cane. We haven't seen her do this, because, when we visit on the weekends, the PT people who help her walk are off work. Her family has built a wheelchair ramp at her home and widened some of the doors so that when they say she can go home, everything will be ready. She is looking forward to getting home.

The picture was taken while it was raining. We got lots of rain on Saturday and more on Sunday night. The weeds are jumping and the lawn mowers are coming in again.


Ms. A said...

We still need some rain, we're so far behind. (and hot!)

Debbie J said...

That's some good news Ms. Ann Maybe things will be quiet at your house now for a while.

Meggie said...

Such good news about your DH. My Doc keeps frightening me telling me I have to take the rat poison so I don't have a stroke!

Pen Pen said...

Thank goodness for quiet days, huh? I worked for another nurse tonight and interrupted my seven days off... yuk! Other than that, our week has been pretty quiet, too. I have to take Tumpy to the vet tomorrow and then Appie and I are going to 'play' tomorrow afternoon.

Renie Burghardt said...

So glad about the good news about your husband, and that even his sister is doing some better.

We've been getting rain today and it's blessedly cool.

I don't have good news about my best friend though. She has been in the Nursing Home since February. All kinds of complications after another fall, and now she has been diagnosed with altzheimers. Her mind is lowly ebbing away, and she is very frail and sleeping most of the time. It's very sad and distressing, but God is in control now, and His will, will be done.

Take care, Ann.