Monday, August 29, 2011

Category 1

Oh, this can't be so bad, it's only a "category 1". Oh, but, I didn't realize Irene would stay so long.

After all, I had seen my yard flooded just like this many, many, times.

And we could see when this tree fell early, that from the window we thought the truck was okay. We had many trees down. Two big oaks fell into our neighbor's front yard. Many were down in the woods.

We thought the storm was over. People were already riding the roads checking out the damage. Then this made me and Irene enemies!! This was the new fence that my husband built, board by board, after his heart surgery.!!

This was her parting shot to us. This was her final goodbye. When this tree fell it sounded like an explosion. It fell just between the new fence and our propane gas tank which has gas in it but was cut off from our house.

This is the damage we can see. We have called the insurance people and they will be out as soon as they can. They said to leave the trees until they get out here to look. We have no idea how soon that will be.

Don't ever take a "catagory 1" hurricane lightly. Irene hung around our house from 8 in the morning until 8 at night. I've never been so glad to see someone GO AWAY!!

The least she could have done was pick up her mess and take it with her. Oh well, what do you expect from an uninvited guest. Now we must get on with the clean up. I'll be busy for awhile.


Mari said...

What a mess! Glad you guys are ok and will be praying for the clean up!

imac said...

So glad she's past for you, and very pleased that you are safe and well.
Prayers and thoughts are sent to you and family my friend.

Damage can be repaired or replaced, thank God you survived.

Granny Annie said...

As much as we all love trees, they can sure cause a lot of damage when they tumble. Do you follow kenju's IMAGINE blog? Their big tree fell on the house and cracked their chimney. Yikes! You guys are facing a lot of clean up but I like Irene because she did not cause you any bodily harm)

Ms. A said...

OH.MY.GOSH! I'm relieved to hear you are okay and very sorry about the damage. Yes, you will certainly be busy. Bless you!

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, my, that is quite a mess that Irene left for you guys to clean up! But I am glad you are both okay. How did the animals fare? Hope they're okay, too.

Guess you ARE going to be busy for a while. Hope some help arrives, too.

Take care, Ann!

Pen Pen said...

Yes, you have a mess! :o( I am sad about the fence, too. I heard on the news that they hate to put a category number on the storm, because people tend to think 'it won't be that bad'. And that a category 1 can be just as dangerous! I guess we are finding out that is true. Huh?

Sheila said...

So sorry to see the "mess" that Hurricane Irene has left you with, especially the fence. Hopefully the insurance adjuster will get there soon! It was a scary time and I'm glat that Hurricane Irene is gone. She lingered way too long.

Annie said...

I'm glad you're okay and so glad she is gone! Ever since Fran, I never take them for granted, no matter what category. It was a long windy wet day for me, but only a few branches came down, no big trees. Good luck with the mess and the insurance (I hope we are done with hurricanes this year!).

possum said...

WOW! Irene whipped you guys fer sure! BUT, so glad YOU are OK!
We had nothing by comparison.
Plenty of firewood gonna be available!

Margaret Cloud said...

Boy, I bet you were scared. It looks terrible and didn't miss much. Hope the insurance comes soon.