Saturday, May 21, 2011

Goats Thoughts

We were going to get rid of some goats. And we have sold some, but I really don't miss that many.

See the pile of dirt they are playing on? That was suppose to have been put over in our yard, eventually. A couple of scoops were moved over here to cover some tile put in a ditch.

Those goats do a great job clearing the woods of underbrush. They now have an area behind the neighbors' houses on both sides of us that they keep clean. That makes it easier to get around in the woods for all of us.

I thought they were talking politics again. When I got out there they all got quite. Didn't want me to post their comments. They still don't know what to make of all the retakes of the pictures and all the recounting of the story of Osama. Where did they say they buried him?

They really wanted to see the videos of those Navy Seals cameras they had on their helmets. Maybe one day?


Renie Burghardt said...

I love goats! Can you send me one with UPS? lol.

Have a great Sunday.

Ms. A said...

Those are some nice looking goats!

ancient one said...

I don't think you can send them UPS... I'll have to ask the guy when he comes with our next order...LOL And I don't think you can sell them on eBay... but Craig's List you can...LOL

Debbie J said...

Goats are so funny to watch. My son had to get rid of his because they wouldn't stay in the pen.

Granny Annie said...

I manage to keep our adult goats in the pen but our new baby Cole is already an escape artist and only 7 days old:) At lease she doesn't wander far from her mother.

possum said...

Love your goats. I sure could use a few BUT, I bet they would eat my garden instead of the bramble in the woods.

You could always try to "rent a goat!" One month clean up! LOL!