Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Garden Junk Rerun

Green glass bowling ball done by my SIL who is taking chemo at this time.

Penny bowling ball done by me. My daughter's name is Penny.

The sundial is something I bought from somewhere.

The tiles holding the balls and the cement holding the sundial all came from my husband's stuff.

The big duck planter was given to me by my daughter, Penny.

The seashells in the pot were picked up along NC beaches. Good memories, those.

The white pot with the red rim, I got off someone's junk pile in town before the trash truck got it. I've heard that my daughter has her eye on that pot.

The vine was given to me by my Uncle Buddy.

My husband has an appointment with the surgeon (consultation) on Wed. of next week.

My granddaughter is having a procedure on her heart on Friday of this week.

Please remember us in your prayers. Still trusting and adjusting. GOD is good.


Ms. A said...

Thoughts and prayers.

Pen Pen said...

yes, dtr. has her eye on that pot, for sure. I love garden junk and am always keeping my eye open for it. did I show you the cement rabbit planter I got at goodwill last year for $5? If not, I will get a pic. for you.

ancient one said...

I don't remember it..darbat

no spring chicken said...

The bowling balls are fascinating! I've never seen anything like it before.

I'm adding your husband and granddaughter to my prayer list right now.

Blessings, Debbie

Deborah Wilson said...

Keep us updated on your husband, Ann. If you need anything, I'm here.