Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Tournament Is Over

These are my husband's Knock Out roses.

The Ray Avery Easter Tournament finished up last night. This was put on by our Local High School. The last game was between Ayden-Grifton and South Lenoir. South Lenoir won, and I'm happy with the outcome. Why, you ask? My cousin's son, Adam Williams, is a star player on the SL team. And as the saying goes, "Blood is thicker than water." And since I had no grandchildren playing baseball at AG now, I felt it was okay to pull for SL.

I had two grandsons who were good in baseball and I was proud of them. I remember playing softball with my cousins when I was a child. I always remember someone saying... "I'm taking Ann's last strike". They would choose me for their team, but if I hadn't hit the ball in the first two tries, I had to give up the bat to the team leader who might hit it or miss it. Anyway, I guess you get the point that they didn't like my batting..ha ha!

Back to the knock out roses.. Knowing how my husband likes them, our friends brought four more they had rooted, for his collection. Thanks William and Wertie !!



Jim and I love the knock out roses. We planted our two years ago. Last year they didn't do all that good but this year they have really grown and bloomed. Your husband's are really very pretty.

Bytheway, I tried but I was not very good at baseball either. I couldn't run very So, congratulation to your Grandsons.To try is a wonderful thing and to do good it a very good thing.connie

Meggie said...

How wonderful, to be able to root rose cuttings! Sigh. My last rose died last year.

Pen Pen said...

pretty roses; I love the baseball story. I remember playing in the barnyard with the neighbors... I was no good, but they tolerated me.