Saturday, April 30, 2011


The Honeysuckle wins.

Each year the honeysuckle kept increasing underneath the azaleas. I tried pulling the vines out, but each time it broke, more branches sprang forth. We had talked about pulling all the azaleas up with the tractor and turning that part of the yard back into lawn. I think the riding lawnmower could have handled the vine. My husband got sick before we could get it done. This year the honeysuckle showed us who is winning.

Honeysuckle used to smell so good to me, and I'm sure the perfume is there. (I just can't smell it) Over on Brin's blog she tells us how to make a throat and cough syrup with wild honeysuckle. I wonder if she needs some more?

Maybe the plans that didn't happen last year might be accomplished this year. If not, does anyone have a suggestion for destroying wild honeysuckle?


Pat said...

I bet the smell wonderful. No suggestions on destroying them, if they are anything like our trumpet vine, they will be here after the world ends!

Pen Pen said...

I can just "small" them now. I like them, but I know they are annoying to you if you don't want them. :o)

Deborah Wilson said...


They are hard to get rid of - just have to keep pulling up the vines out of the ground - finally they will stop growing. If you only cut them they will grwo back each year and spread.

If there is a way to kept them contained without destroying them, I would, they smell sooo wonderful!

Lib said...

When they bloom I sneeze and sneeze! Digging the up is the only way I know to get rid of them without chemicals.
Have agreat wk!

Marsha Young said...

Don't know how to grow wild honeysuckle, much less destroy it. Shoot, I TRIED to grow it and it died! We have very hard, dry, clay soil here in Nor. Calif. :)

But I wish you well in your efforts.

Thanks for stopping by Spots and Wrinkles. Enjoyed your feedback. God bless you - Marsha

Granny Annie said...

All I know about honeysuckle is how fun it is to work to get a small drip of honey out of the flower when you're a little kid.

janie said...

You reminded me that I need to get out and do battle with the butterfly vine. It is so bad that I refuse to share it with anybody! The vines are 40' long, no fragrance, and they are everywhere! The one redeaming quality is that it has small yellow flowers that turn it into a lovely blanket on our fence and lawn. Then those flowers turn into a lime green butterfly, which will dry to a golden color, and will last for at least 2 years. I wish you the best of luck with your honeysuckle!