Monday, April 21, 2008

No Problems - Just Plans

"Today I know that memories are the key not to the past, but to the future. I know that the experiences of our lives, when we let GOD use them, become the mysterious and perfect preparation for the work HE will give us to do..."

"It was in 1844 that Grandfather had a visit from his minister, Dominee Witteveen, who had a special request. "Willem, you know the scriptures tell us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the blessing of the Jews."

"Ah yes, Dominee, I have always loved GOD'S ancient people - they gave us our Bible and our SAVIOR."

"Beginning with this conversation, a prayer fellowship was started, with Grandfather and his friends praying for the Jewish people..."

"In a divine way which is beyond our human understanding, GOD answered those prayers. It was in the same house, exactly one hundred years later, that Grandfather's son, my father and four of his grandchildren, and one great-grandson were arrested for helping save the lives of Jews during the German occupation of Holland..."

"So many times we wonder why GOD has certain things happen to us. We try to understand the circumstances of our lives, and we are left wondering. But GOD's foolishness is so much wiser than our wisdon..."

"From generation to generation, from small beginnings and little lessons, HE has a purpose for those who know and trust HIM."

"GOD has no problems - just plans!"

Copied from the book In My Father's House by Corrie ten Boom


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Ann,

Amazing story. I'll have to read the book. Beautifully written, and much to think about. Applies quite a lot to my own life, when I think about it. Love the quote "GOD has no problems - just plans!"

Thank you for sharing.


deborah wilson said...

-The author, Corrie Boom..I don't think I've read her yet. But it sounds like a good book.

Your Irises are in bloom already?! I too have purple Irises planted, but they never bloom until the end of May. However, the Japanese Maple (Queen Quill) that I planted two years ago is really pretty this year. It's beginning to bush out and its limbs are preparing to 'fall down'.

Had quiet a few posts to read here tonight - I liked the 13 - look at all those raggedy dolls - haha - I love those dolls.

Pen Pen said...

True on God's plans... not problems. It's just hard for us to realize this sometimes.