Monday, October 21, 2013

Percy Flowers

I got the book  "LOST FLOWERS" by Perry D. Sullivan on Saturday afternoon in the mail. I read it before I went to bed that night.  On Sunday afternoon my husband started the book and finished it this morning.  This is the first time ever, I can remember him reading a whole book. (other than the BIBLE).  You remember this is the book about the Moonshine King.  It was a very interesting book.  My sister gets to read it next, then our neighbor has asked to read it after her.


Mari said...

Sounds like I better find this book!

Ms. A said...

Books that make you want to read until you finish are the best!

Little Penpen said...

Awesome!! If everybody reads it that fast, I should have no trouble getting my hands on it when I see you again! Lol.