Monday, October 28, 2013

New Christian Music

I've heard preaching against the new Christian Music. And even though these old ears cannot understand all the words, when I looked up the lyrics for the song, I found nothing wrong with them. What is your thinking on this?
Hillsong Young & Free - Sinking Deep Lyrics Artist: Hillsong Young & Free

Album: We Are Young & Free
Standing here in Your presence

In a grace so relentless

I am won

By perfect love

Wrapped within the arms of heaven

In a peace that lasts forever

Sinking deep

In mercy's sea

I'm wide awake

Drawing close

Stirred by grace

All my heart is Yours

All fear removed

I breathe You in

I lean into Your love

Your love

When I'm lost You pursue me

Lift my head to see Your glory

Lord of all

So beautiful

Here in You I find shelter

Captivated by the splendour Of Your face

My secret place


Your love so deep
Is washing over me

Your face is all I seek

You are my everything
Jesus Christ

You are my one desire

Lord hear my only cry

To know You all my life


Mari said...

I like the new Christian music - I like the old too. We sing both in our church and they both bless me. I think the words are what's important.

Ms. A said...

I quite like the new Christian music that I've heard, so I'm all for it. Not sure why a church would preach against it, unless they are against music in general, or just stuffy and resistant to new things.

Granny Annie said...

A lot of churches hold special worship services to use the new music and it is a joy to attend and see the excitement on the faces of the younger generation. They attend in small numbers but seem to have such great enthusiasm and I can't help but believe it is the wave of the future. I'm betting they could even liven up The Old Rugged Cross:)

Little Penpen said...

Not my preference, but I can see where younger people might like it. As long as God likes it, I guess it's ok.