Tuesday, March 5, 2013


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I know the daffodils have reached their peak. They sure have been pretty this year.
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The yellow bush at the end of the fence hasn't quite reached its peak.
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The skies are gray today.  We are expecting rain and wind to start sometime this afternoon.  I thought I'd get one more shot while they are still pretty.  I am so ready for a warm up and for spring to arrive. 


Pen Pen said...

My yellow bushes haven't bloomed yet, but I'm waiting. I am really really waiting for some warm weather!!

Mari said...

We are nowhere near blooming daffodils yet but I sure liked seeing yours!

Granny Annie said...

Not a daffodil or any splash of color around here yet:(

Pat said...

Oh be still my heart! so pretty!

imac said...

Love the Daffs.

Jerry and Patricia Rice said...

Dear Ancient One,
I did not know you have a blog. I discovered it today. I enjoyed reading your posts and your pictures. I also wanted to thank you for always being an encouragement to me on my blog.
God Is Already In Our Tomorrow
Patricia Rice

possum said...

You are so far ahead of us! The daffodils have started, but just King Alfreds.
The forsythia will be another week or two. A couple buds are showing color.
We got 2 1/2 inches of rain out of that storm. What did you get?