Saturday, March 30, 2013

Trappers Welcome

This is a beaver dam.
This is Missy crossing the beaver dam.

We have problems with water draining from our yard.  Across the road behind a neighbor's home we found this beaver dam in a canal that is suppose to handle all the run off water from our homes and fields.  They had the water in this canal pretty well stopped up.  In the top picture in the left edge you can see a tiny bit of my husband digging away at the clog. In the bottom, his dog, Missy is checking out the dam.  She walked all the way across, sniffing as she went.  We need trappers.


Pen Pen said...

I know a trapper! :) You want him to bring some beaver traps?

Ms. A said...

I know a couple of trappers, but one's in Indiana and the beaver trapper is in Wisconsin. Quick, Google trappers in your area!