Friday, March 2, 2012

A Good Story

Picture has nothing to do with the story.

In my younger days, I had a next door neighbor who knew the best scary stories ever. One of them was about someone cutting off his big toe and he would come around at night saying, "I want my big toe" over and over. The last sentence of the story was always, "BOO! I GOTCHA!"

Yesterday, a friend of my husband, came to pay him for some service he did on a lawnmower. He was telling my husband that he had been in the hospital sometime back in December. He had a portion of his big toe taken off. The doctor's wanted to take his whole foot off, but he refused. They said there was no circulation going to his foot. Still he stood his ground. So they just removed about two thirds of the toe.

After he was home, one day he was outside doing something and he felt like his foot was wet. He took off the shoe and he had blood in it. He was so excited. He called the doctors and they all rejoiced. Blood was circulating in his foot. The place healed really nice.

He told my husband it is not always wise to do the first thing a doctor says. He is giving GOD all the praise. I love a story with a good ending!!


Mari said...

Good story! I love the baby goat too!

Ms. A said...

Doctors may be really educated and really smart, but they certainly don't always make the right call. Glad your friend stood his ground and is still standing on both feet and only minus part of a toe!

I'm still amazed at how clean the goats always look! Cute, cute baby.

possum said...

Excellent story! I bet he was happy to see blood!