Friday, March 30, 2012

George Earl's Oldest Girl...

George Earl's Oldest Girl Rode A Pony Home Yesterday.

Isn't it silly how these long ago "helps" pop into your head. My Grandmother told me that sentence to help me remember how to spell geography. I sometimes think I need to think of a sentence to "help" me remember a new password. Funny, but my remember-er doesn't work as well as it once did.

I went with my husband to the doctor today. He introduced me to his doctor as his "hearing aid". And the doctor said, "probably your remember-er too." I said, "I'm not too sure about that part." Anyway he wants to send my husband for a cat scan. They have seen something and think they might know what it is, but they have to take the scan to be absolutely sure. So he gets the scan first and then will see the cardiologist. I'm hoping once we finish up this LM business and get rid of the stress, things will get better for all of us.

I am looking forward to getting my back yard... "back." And me being able to get in the car to go somewhere without asking someone to move "their" truck. (which is blocking mine!!) And, maybe, having time to go see my daughter's stained glass Christmas present in person. George William's oldest girl wants to do some fun things! Ha!


Ms. A said...

My hubby has a hard time with phone numbers. (if they aren't programmed in the phone) I actually stared converting the numbers on the phone, to one of the corresponding letters, to words, to try to help. It didn't work. He just asks me.

Mari said...

I like your help on spelling geography - never heard that one!
Praying for good results on that scan.

possum said...

Be thinking about you all and the CAT scan...
Never heard about George's Oldest... cool!
Dogwood in bloom here, too. Look great with the redbud. Azaleas starting to open.
Peas up about 5 inches, onions 5 inches. Potatoes go in next week.
Rain today, I am glad. I need a day inside.

Pen Pen said...

Yes, come see my stained glass!!! funny thing is, when i read george earl's oldest girl... I was thinking you were spelling georgia. LOL