Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wednesday's Post With Words

This was my last week's wordless wednesday photo. I decided to load it on facebook and boy was I surprised by the comments. How wonderful to find out that I had taken a picture of a place my dad had been fishing. I never knew....

L. Looks like you have been to Pamlico County. The old man that owned this boat use to go out from time to time and bail the water out. For several years it has been like this. I assume he became ill or passed away.
Yesterday at 6:07pm ·

J. i have always wondered what they let this go down for?
Yesterday at 7:31pm ·

B.i've got this in a large picture to have framed to put at the river.i like it a lot.
23 hours ago ·

ME..I like old things and old places... Thanks Lee Anne for some of the history.. you always wonder about the stories that go along with old places. Janice, I wonder too. He must have got too old to keep it up. Bonita, I would imagine your picture is wonderful. It would be perfect for your river place.
21 hours ago ·

ME...We found this at Stonewall city limits.
21 hours ago ·

B.B. Daddy and I used to unload his boat right beside the road there.
21 hours ago ·

ME... So I probably stood in daddy's and your footsteps there... Makes this even more special... Daddy must have said ANN LOOK, cause I told Curtis I wanted to take that picture coming back and he said if you can even see it coming back... But he turned around and pulled down where they load boats and that's where I stood to take this picture. Do you read my blog?
21 hours ago ·

B. B. No just happened to see the picture and it caught my eye. We have fished there many times. Steve and I continue to fish there but haven't been there in a while Yes you probably were in his footprints.
21 hours ago ·

B. bennie, you and your wife are welcolm any time. you and ed can go fishing there again.ed needs some more fishing buddies.
10 hours ago ·



Mari said...

That is really neat!

Ms. A said...

How cool is that!

imac said...

Small world

Pen Pen said...

that is totally cool!!!!!!!!! gave me chill bumps!

ancient one said...

Me too !!!