Friday, February 3, 2012

Komen Foundation

I always thought the Komen Foundation was an organization that fought breast cancer. I would buy the products that had the pink ribbons on them. I knew that not much from the price of the product would go to the charity, but I thought of all the ladies that would be buying yogurt and thought, well, that would add up.

Later our local newspaper asked people who would like to honor someone who had cancer or a cancer survior to send $10 for each person and 10 percent would be sent to the Komen Foundation. I was shocked to see how much the newspaper was going to keep. I think a lot of companies are making money off of charities.

Then sometime last year, I heard that the Komen Foundation gave money to planned parenthood. Planned parenthood makes it possible for babies to be aborted. I did not like the idea that Komen Foundation was giving them money.

So yesterday I learned that Planned Parenthood was mad because Komen was withholding some money they had given them. Then today, I hear that Komen was changing their mind and would be giving Planned Parenthood money. I think they are in a Lose/Lose situation.

I will still give to Cancer charities. Mine will be local to the Cancer Society in my area.


imac said...

Its always best to check out these folk claiming they send money to charity, Ive been caught out with one b4.

The Working Home Keeper said...

I was sad to see that Komen reversed their decision regarding Planned Parenthood.

Mary Ellen
The Working Home Keeper

Ms. A said...

I think the majority of people would be shocked at where their donated money actually goes. It makes sense to really check it out thoroughly.

janie said...

What amazes me is the sense of entitlement that Planned Parenthood has. Them and all the people who raised a fit for them to get the money. Like they have it coming.....Grants don't usually work like that, and usually the ones giving the grant says who will get it and who will not. It is their money after all.

I will not be donating to Komen any more. I will keep it local too.