Tuesday, January 31, 2012

So we did..

So many years ago we had a fun vacation at Oriental, N.C.

If you look closely you can see the bridge in the background.

The place we stayed was just across from the place the boats got fuel.

This picture was taken of my brother in the late 1950's.

On Sunday my husband and I rode back to Oriental, N.C.

Boy, was I confused.

The bridge didn't seem to be the same.

I wonder if they have built a new one sometime during those 53 years.

Husband didn't want to take the time I needed to try to figure out where we stayed.

I was exploring this little town to see if I could recognize any of the landmarks in Nichols Sparks


This is what greeted us as went across the bridge.

This was only some of the ships in the harbor.

I'd like to go again when we are not in a hurry.

I'd like to walk some of the water street area and see some of the older buildings.

I know I will return sometime .. sooner rather than later.

My favorite way to spend a pretty Sunday Afternoon.


Ms. A said...

I'll be hoping for more photos when you do get back there!

Ms. A said...

PS: Perhaps you could just drive on down to New Bern, and ask Sparks, himself. (it would have only been 30 miles)

ancient one said...

That's true.

Mari said...

What fun to see the old photo and then the new one. You will have to report to us again when you go back!

Pat said...

I love the old photo, I'd put that in a frame, but then I'd put everything into a frame.
Sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon. Isn't it amazing how much things change over the years? Sometimes it makes me a little sad. Progress...

Sheila said...

Loved the pictures! What a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. So peaceful. Hope you get to go back and have a leisurely stroll. I love Nicholas Sparks books. One of his books has been made into another movie coming out in April I think. The Lucky One.

imac said...

What a difference a few yrs make - and what a way to spend time.

possum said...

Lucky YOU! How nice to go back and visit such a nice place.

Trying to catch up--- got my 'puter back!

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, nice! I love Sunday drives to quaint places. Your brother looks like he was a sweet boy. Hope you go back and visit again, soon.

Mary said...

A great shot of your brother from back in the day.

I love going back to places we went when we were kids. I remember a trip to Algonquin Park in northern Ontario. I wish we had made note of the cabin where we stayed.

Enjoyed visiting with you and look forward to more photos when you return.


ancient one said...

Renie, my brother was/is a sweet boy. He grew up to become Chief of Police of our home town. Retired a few years back and is enjoying his retirement.