Thursday, January 5, 2012

Goodies in the Mail

Today I received two beautiful magazines from a wonderful sister-in-law.

I had subscribed to the Birds & Blooms in years past.

I think it has improved. I especially loved the following article.

As many of you know, I love Garden Junk.

I loved seeing some new ideas.

Military Spouse is new to me.
I wondered about her sending this one.

But then I found the article that featured our cousin Addie.

And her husband, Greg, and their program

Pro vs. GI Joe.

That was a wonderful surprise for a day that hadn't gone all that well. I had gone to the doctor to have xrays to be followed with therapy. I just got the xrays. My thyroid didn't take up enough of the iodine. So I was sent home with a "no iodine" diet and will try again next week. Ugh!!

Thanks Sandra!!


Mari said...

Glad you had this nice surprise after a not so great day!
We used to gt Birds and Blooms too and enjoyed it, but we just got too many magazines. Very neat to see your cousin in the other magazine!

Ms. A said...

That was indeed a nice surprise!

Good luck with the repeat x-rays.

Pen Pen said...

cool stuff!

Pat said...

Never heard of Birds and Blooms, but I think I need to get a copy. What a sweet surprise to see Addie in the other magazine..that's a keeper.
Sorry about your day at the Doctor. Praying for you sis.

Sandy said...

Love you...glad you enjoyed them

Meggie said...

Lovely gift to brighten your day. Sorry you are having health issues. XX