Thursday, February 24, 2011

Right Back At IT

The ancient fence has been replaced finally. I think my second post, all those years ago, I mentioned that ancient fence. I know I've posted lots of pictures of it with my irises blooming in front of it.

My husband worked hard building this fence. The ancient fence was put up in sections, bought that way from Lowes. Home Depot, near us, is selling out. We missed out on the fence sections, so my husband put this one up, one board at a time. I worry that he is doing too much too soon, but I can't stop him.

The little boy holding the umbrella in the above picture was given to me by my daughter at Christmas. I love it! I pulled out most of the irises and only put back a few. They will not bloom this year because I moved them at the wrong time. I have a big bed of irises in another place. So I still have plenty.

The bug holding the pot on this end was given to me by my daughter-in-law some years back. He's lost one eye but he's still cute.

It is not quite March 1st. That's when my husband told everyone he would be ready to get back to work. My backyard is back in business. Lots of people coming through this week. It was nice to have my yard to myself for the last few months..


Ann said...

Are you gping to paint the fence? You are fortunate to have a handy man at home.

Thanks for visiting. Once I am home, my eyes are glued to the TV, and I don't blog as much.

ancient one said...

I think the plan is to just let the weather do its thing. My husband likes the rustic look.

Anonymous said...

I like it!!!!!!!!!!! :o) good job granddaddy!!

Pen Pen said...

The fence looks GREAT!!! so fresh and the flower bed is so cute! I know you are dreading the backyard full of men... but I'm glad Daddy feels like working again. That's a good sign!! Love you!

Deborah Wilson said...

Looking good, Ann. I'm so glad that spring is almost here.

Field of Dreams said...

Love the fence...I'm sure it looks great!!!

Meggie said...

I hope your husband keeps well. Gom has been doing silly things, like mowing the lawn and trimming the edges. He has little energy, but insists on tiring himself. I guess, if it keeps him happy, he can sleep for the remainder of the day!!

janie said...

Sorry I did not know that your husband had heart surgery. I am glad that you have him to fuss over about doing too much. I know that Bobby would be the same way.

I did not realize that Avery is your GREAT grand baby! I was thinking he was your grandson. Time does fly, doesn't it?!

I have lots of Hyacinth bean seeds, if you would like for me to send some to you. I love to share them.


possum said...

Your husband did a great job... you can send him up here anytime you want!
Just keep in mind, the more he can DO, the better he will feel. Making this fence is probably the best medicine he can have!