Monday, February 28, 2011

Catching UP...

Cheapest price we saw for gas yesterday.

This was on the road to Rocky Mount. We visited my husband's sister in the nursing home. She still has a long way to go, but we were very pleased with her improvments. This is about an hour's drive from our house.

I called last week to get a prescription renewed. The doctor insisted that I come in. Today I made that trip. Since I was there, he decided to go ahead and do a cancer skin screening. (All good... nothing suspicious)So by the time I got home my gas tank is now half full.

The weather has been beautiful this weekend. It was very windy today but warm. We actually saw 80's. Just a few minutes ago I heard it thunder and now we've had a quick heavy shower. It will be cooler tomorrow.

Gas is selling for $3.35.9 in our hometown. I suspect we need to be mindful of where we're going and how many other things we can get done on each trip.

Sure would have been nice if that doctor would have called in my prescription. It would have saved me gas money and a doctor's bill. I'm not complaining. I got a good report and don't have to go back until next year and he gave me three extra refills on the medicine. That last tube lasted me two years.

GOD is so good to me!!!


janie said...
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janie said...

I love it when they give me those refills. Do be aware of the cut off date on the refills, tho. I lost a couple because I let the 'before' date get by me.

We are having nice warm weather, too.

I think our gas is a little lower, but not by much. I paid $3.19 a gallon yesterday, but I am driving at least 70 miles most days. I am about to be staying at home a LOT more.

Debbie J said...

Sounds like you have had some good news all the way around, except in gas prices!!! We sure have had a lot of wind lately and its only the first day of march today.

Granny Annie said...

We paid $3.19 per gallon unleaded yesterday. We are hearing $4 by Summer.

The Babysitters Love said...
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Pen Pen said...

Gas prices are ridiculous, aren't they? I am trying to stay home more, too. With hubby driving back and forth from his work place to here, our gas bill is outrageous these days. Will be glad when all this is behind us!!! Glad you got your medicine... my leg rash is still active... my med. isn't working. :o(

dp said...

Our Gas prices are 1.21 a litre so times that by 4 and you get our Gallon price... its gross!

I remember the very first time I stubbled onto your blog, it was spring, and you wrote about your impatiens coming up! I almost fainted because we certainly don't have perennial impatiens! Now, here it is March 1 and you have WARMTH.... I love it. We are thigh high in snow this year.. more than usual!
I love your daffodils... a true sign of spring. Can't wait to see them here!